Training and Education

Medical Staff

Armor Correctional Health Services provides a comprehensive 40-hour orientation program including security training and medical orientation that exceeds national standards. We cover a wide range of topics including the mission of the healthcare program, national standards for correctional health care, and clinical policies and procedures, such as nursing protocols, detoxification, infection control, risk management, intake screening, behavioral health, medical holding area, medication processes, documentation, and health record confidentiality.

Continuing Education
Armor’s program of continuing education provides CEUs at the workplace for each Armor staff member. Our program includes a number of modules, sufficient to cover 12 topics per year and spanning three broad areas of services: Screening, Systems, and Special Needs. We provide paid time off for employees to participate in continuing education, medical conferences and other approved educational events.

Staff Development
Several years ago, Armor initiated a program to encourage all employees companywide to pursue the Certified Correctional Health Professional (CCHP) designation, signifying their commitment to professionalism in corrections and adherence to national standards. Armor pays the cost for each employee to take the exam and provides time and resources for preparation. Since the implementation of this program, hundreds of Armor employees have been certified.

Correctional Staff

Armor understands the importance of building collaborative relationships between our staff and correctional officers. In all of our training we emphasize the collaborative role that correctional officers assume in our program. We address essential ways that correctional officers are included in our multidisciplinary treatment teams through orientation for correctional staff assigned to special housing units.

Correctional officers are also invited to sit in on other medical training provided for the health care staff.

Inmate/Patient Education

Armor provides on-going health education through various mechanisms throughout the incarceration. We frequently join forces with public health agencies, non-governmental agencies, and various vendors to provide education programs, interventions, resources, and education workshops for patients. Some sites conduct annual health fairs and others have arranged for community agencies to provide on-site programs such as hepatitis education, HIV and sexually transmitted information, and programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In addition, we make available health information in various media about a number of topics including diseases and health conditions.