Success Stories

Armor measures success by the degree to which we help our clients meet their goals. Listed below are several examples of us working with our client to accomplish desired objectives.

Reductions in Off-Site Care
The following graph illustrates reductions we have provided for three of our existing clients after the first year Armor assumed services. This graph does not reflect the additional reductions realized by the clients in transportation and security costs.

cost comparison chart

Under its prior contract with another vendor, Santa Rosa County spent over $800,000 in off-site and pharmacy expenditures each of the prior two years. By combining a comprehensive review process, well-structured contracts with community physicians and hospitals, and effective case management, Armor was able to reduce those expenditures to only $258,000 in the first year and $239,000 in the second year representing a 70% reduction and a two-year savings to the County of almost$1.2 million.

In our first year at Manatee County we reduced off-site expenses from the prior vendor’s $1.2 million to $434,000 – a 65% reduction. It is important to note the prior vendor provided services at Manatee County for 10 years. These reductions were achieved by providing higher credentialed personnel onsite, enhancing onsite services, and managing offsite services.

Our first year at Sumter County also resulted in a savings of over $800,000 – a reduction of 92%.

Other Success Stories in Managing Off-site Care

Brevard County: Armor negotiated a DRG based rate to replace the prior per diem and maintain contracted hospital services for the Sheriff’s Office.

Broward County: Armor successfully negotiated a change in hospital rates paid by Armor and our client. By increasing the contracted per diem rate and eliminating the prior “stop loss” provision, we reduced our client’s exposure to potentially high cost cases that would otherwise have incurred high total costs per case. We estimate savings to the Sheriff’s Office over $3.2 million based on subsequent hospital admission data.

Escambia County: After taking over from a prior vendor, Armor was able to reduce off-site expenditures from over $2 million to $775,000 – a reduction of 65% in only two years.

Nassau County: Within a week of our June 2011 start-up, Armor established and began operating the site’s first infirmary. Armor reduced off-site expenses by over $630,000 in the first two months. These savings are exclusive of security and transportation costs.

Sarasota County: Successfully negotiated a DRG-based case rate for hospital care with a “stop loss” feature that significantly reduced our clients exposure compared to the prior medical contractor who paid a percent of billed charges with no cost limits. We reduced off-site utilization by 38% (from an average of $770,000 in each of the prior vendor’s last two years to an average of less than $480,000).

Armor’s Broward County Named NCCHC Facility of the Year
The National Commission on Correctional Health Care selected Broward County Sheriff’s Office to receive the 2009 Facility of the Year Award. The award is presented each year to only one facility or system from among the 500 jails, prisons, and juvenile confinement facilities that participate in the NCCHC’s nationwide accreditation program. A five-member NCCHC survey team completed four days of records review, interviews, and program observations and found no deficiencies.

In the award letter, NCCHC President Edward Harrison reported “The accreditation surveyors and committee were particularly impressed with how well your staff consistently demonstrated excellence in health services delivery, correctional health care professionalism, and a commitment to continuity of services.”

Soon after the survey, Lieutenant Colonel Rick Frey, then Broward’s Director of Detention Services, congratulated Armor’s then Regional Vice President (now Senior Vice President) Karen Davies, and recognized Armor’s role in supporting the Sheriff’s Office.

“To have outside professionals examine every corner of our operation and find the level of excellence they described is very gratifying. Please extend my sincere appreciation to the entire Armor staff for their continued dedication and commitment. The success we enjoy is a credit to your leadership and their professionalism and hard work.”

During the exit conference, the surveyors observed “It is hard to tell your security staff from your Armor staff. The teamwork here really stands out.”

Armor CEO Bruce Teal credited the vision of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“Every day, our partnership with Broward challenges us to excel. Armor is honored to work where the commitment to quality care, community health, and national standards is paramount.”

Teal also recognized the hard work and dedication of Armor staff.

“This award is possible only when dedicated and highly skilled professionals do their best work. This represents a team effort by everyone involved. It reflects Armor’s pledge to provide high quality, patient-centered care.”