Off-Site Services

off site correctional health services

We have exceptional expertise in the areas of inpatient, outpatient, and off-site utilization management. We employ a managed care approach and maximize on-site services as the cornerstones of reducing hospitalization and off-site usage. However, when off-site services are necessary, we apply proven clinical and management tools to minimize the length of stay and ensure the efficient delivery of necessary care.

Management of Off-Site Services

Armor’s Utilization Management Program is second to none in the industry and is one of the foundations of our Cost Containment program. We identify and address the needs of both acute and chronic illness that frequently entail unplanned hospital admissions and require continuity of care with local health providers. We perform initial and concurrent reviews to determine if the hospitalization meets criteria for continued stay and to determine if the patient’s course of care is appropriate and following our attending physician’s orders, without unnecessary delays in care or service.

We also employ hospitalists as part of our cost effective strategy. The hospital-based physician network ensures that patients receive the appropriate medical care required and return to the designated facility in a timely manner to help eliminate unnecessary off-site costs.

Our claims administration team reviews the status of claims and payment. Our process focuses on establishing appropriate levels of care, monitoring plans of care, anticipating quality of care issues, and avoiding administrative delays.

Because our company is founded on the philosophy of patient-centered care and managed care systems, utilization management is critical to ensure that all patients have access to the care they need, but at the most appropriate and cost-effective levels.