On-Site Care

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Reducing the Need for Off-Site Care

Armor looks for ways to maximize on-site care at all our facilities. Our capacity to do so is determined by the physical plant, availability of willing specialty and ancillary service providers, volume of patients, and cost. After we have been on-site for a period of time, we would work with our clients to analyze utilization patterns to identify what other programs could support organizing a clinic. We have a proven track record of expanding on-site care and reducing off-site services while improving a facility’s overall quality of care.

Infirmary Operations
Since many hospital services can be safely provided in the jail, by maximizing infirmary use, we reduce the volume of off-site transfers and shorten the average length of stay for those patients who do require hospitalization.


Armor Correctional Health Services’ philosophy is that an appropriate staffing plan will meet three goals:

  • Provide onsite service levels that meet our client’s coverage requirements and comply with any accreditation the client may seek to achieve and/or maintain;
  • Ensure daily staff coverage onsite for the patients with non-emergent health concerns to be seen within 24 hours of triage and those with emergent needs to be seen immediately; and
  • Increase treatment capacity onsite in order to reduce offsite trips, transportation and security costs, and hospitalization.

In addition, whenever possible, we select medical providers whose skills and ability help reduce the need for off-site transports. For example, we might hire a nurse practitioner whose background and training permit her to provide some specialty women’s services onsite. Another possibility would be a medical director who has a subspecialty that would otherwise requires an offsite visit.

This approach sometimes results in a higher base cost, but has consistently proven to reduce overall costs, including direct costs for off-site services, transportation, and security, as well as indirect costs, such as reduced litigation.

To reduce the need for patient transport and to increase patient access to specialty services, clients may consider using telemedicine. Armor can help to design and implement telemedicine systems for both medical and mental health cases. A telemedicine solution is cost-effective and may also feature a local university health system partnership.



It’s a pleasure to work with a company who stands behind its price. I can’t tell you how many times other companies have come back to us asking for more money. I appreciate that you have never asked for more money to cover an unanticipated occurrence.

Jack Parker, Sheriff - Brevard County FL