armor correctional health provicers

Armor Correctional Health has assumed local and statewide leadership in public health by supporting programs such as:

Rapid HIV Testing
Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Contact Tracing for Communicable Diseases
Women’s Health
HIV Linkage

These public health initiatives have been central to our engagement of local partners in correctional health services. As a result of our efforts, we are recognized for our advocacy of statewide initiatives and responsiveness to such local stakeholders as HIV/AIDS coalitions and public health advocates.

Armor creates relationships with community partners including hospitals, specialists, suppliers, local health departments, and community agencies. We help clients negotiate rates and we make a genuine effort to support local businesses in our clients’ communities.

We build partnerships with community-based agencies to develop or maintain innovative programs focusing on HIV, women’s health, family well-being, chronic illness, and contagious disease management, as well as our award-winning discharge planning program.

Led by many of our health providers, who have professional training and backgrounds in public health, we have assisted our clients in securing grants, meeting local program requirements, and accessing patient education and health promotion resources. As a result, we have restored or strengthened our correctional facilities’ role in community health programs.

We consider our local providers, hospitals, vendors, and community agencies as full partners. We recognize that developing and maintaining positive relationships with these constituents serves our patients and our clients in the long-run. Our commitment to these relationships is unusual within the correctional healthcare industry. They are an integral component of our contracted service and we treat them with respect by paying our bills on time. We do not delay payments in order to manage cash flow or enhance our cash position.

Armor’s relationship with providers translates into reduced recidivism, stronger relationships among local criminal justice and health care providers, and goodwill − not only for Armor but, most importantly, for our client agencies.