armor correctional healthArmor Correctional Health Services defines a successful partnership as one in which both partners are working toward agreed-upon goals and any given outcome has a similar lasting effect on both parties.

We pride ourselves on our track record of establishing genuine, working partnerships with each of our clients. Our commitment to such partnerships is one of the fundamental reasons for our company’s success and the reason that we proudly include all of our current and former clients as references.

Our experience has shown that successful partnerships are based on five key elements.

Respect, Honesty and Transparency
The foundation for a successful partnership is a commitment to mutual respect, honesty, and transparency. If the partners do not share these fundamental values, the partnership is not likely to succeed.

Frequent, clear, and meaningful communications are central to any successful partnership. Armor has an excellent track record of direct and continuous communication with each of our clients.

Complementary Skills
Strong partnerships result from each partner complementing the other’s strengths and providing support for the other’s weaknesses.

Commitment to Shared Goals
In addition to the broad goal of an efficient, quality, cost-effective correctional health care program, both parties must agree, and work together, toward any other objectives they are trying to accomplish.