Electronic Medical Records

The cost of implementing electronic medical records is often a big investment for a facility. Armor Correctional Health Services is expert at guiding clients through selection, negotiation, implementation and training of EMRs.

At a time when the emphasis in electronic health records is on information exchange with external medical and public health systems, other correctional companies have adopted the strategy of adapting off-the-shelf software or of building their own proprietary system. These approaches often result in delays and challenges due to the special needs of correctional healthcare.

In contrast, Armor works with multiple information systems companies who have developed products from the ground up to address the unique concerns of correctional facilities. These programs are then customized to each facility. Further, since we do not own the EMR systems, they remain proprietary to the client, rather than the medical provider, which ensures that the system remains in place, regardless of the length of who the medical provider is.