Community Re-Entry

re-entry consultation

Armor Correctional Health Services has a long track record of developing community re-entry programs and we work closely with our clients to coordinate health care services to maximize access. We integrate release planning into our patient care model throughout the course of incarceration, from the first identification of a patient’s need for continuing medical care right up until release.



  • Verification and coordination of care, as needed, with key community providers
  • Verification of prescriptions
  • Evidence and confirmation of health plan eligibility
  • Electronic health information exchange

Provider Referral

  • Links to related program services
  • Referral to community networks
  • Exchange of health information related to offsite provider referrals
  • Implementation of follow up treatment plans

Special Medical Programs

  • Individual treatment planning consistent with community standards
  • Patient education and orientation to the importance of continuing treatment
  • Provision of referral and community resource information

Continuity of Care

  • Medications on release based upon notice of release, jail release practices, and approved pharmacy systems
  • Printed “Health Care Passport”, discharge summary and confidential patient information
  • Referrals to accessible community health resources
  • Electronic “continuity of care” reports and data to community agencies with patient consent