Behavioral Health

behavioral health

Armor’s comprehensive approach to patient care, including mental health and psychiatric related care, is reflected in our use of the term “Behavioral Health.” We accept our responsibility to address all potentially problematic behavior, not just those limited by the narrow definition of mental illness. This broad mission helps to maintain a safe and stable environment for our patients and all correctional facility staff.

The Foundation of Armor’s Behavioral Health Program

  • Early and Comprehensive Screening and Assessment
  • Onsite Crisis Response and Stabilization
  • Comprehensive Suicide Prevention
  • Psychotropic Medication Management and Formulary
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment Planning

Four key initiatives summarize our program goals:

  • Integration of mental health and physical health services to ensure patient-centered care
  • Enhancement of onsite services with increased self-reliance upon facility-based resources
  • Engagement of community based providers to supplement facility-based programs
  • Organization of specialized re-entry initiatives, including community services and a referral network of local resources

We have implemented behavioral health programs that include a wide range of organizational models. We work closely with our clients to match our programs to available resources, including community agencies.