A Perfect Track Record
Armor Correctional Health Services has a perfect track record of achieving and maintaining both NCCHC and ACA accreditation. We have never lost an accreditation and have achieved accreditation in 100% of our surveyed facilities. Our programs are developed in adherence to appropriate standards, and each of our facilities is fully accredited by those organizations chosen by our clients. Our achievements in the area of accreditation include:

  • Each of our contracted facilities seeking NCCHC and ACA accreditation is fully accredited.
  • All of our contracted correctional facilities are state-certified or accredited.
  • Four of our clients have achieved all available accreditations available to their facilities.
  • We restored NCCHC accreditation for one facility following a probation period instituted under the previous contractor.
  • Armor has never been denied initial or re-accreditation by the NCCHC, ACA or designated state accreditation and certification agencies.

National Recognition
Two Armor clients have received distinguished recognition by the NCCHC.

Facility of the Year – Broward County Sheriff’s Office(FL) – Surveyors commended the Sheriff’s Office and Armor for the way in which multiple providers and stakeholders have organized a fully integrated system of care that meets NCCHC standards. Seamless coordination among providers, particularly with respect to mental health, was recognized in the accreditation survey and contributed to the NCCHC honor.

Program of the Year – Pre-Release Medical Discharge Planning – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (FL) – Armor has organized a discharge planning process by joining with Sheriff’s Office staff, local community health centers, the county health plan, and mental health providers in the formation of a network dedicated to reintegration of detainees on release into the community’s health care system.

National Commission on Correctional Health Care
American Correctional Association


The accreditation surveyors and committee were particularly impressed with how well your staff consistently demonstrated excellence in health services delivery.

Edward Harrison, Former President - National Commission on Correctional Health Care