Founded in 2004, Armor Correctional Health Services began when one of South Florida’s leading medical provider networks responded to a local sheriff who was seeking cost-effective ways to improve service and ways to improve health care. Our founder, Dr. Jose Armas, had already started successful health care businesses and networks spanning primary care, medical specialty networks, home health, and medical equipment.

correctional health careAfter learning of the issues and challenges confronting the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO), Dr. Armas created Armor, based upon proven managed care principles and reflecting his commitment to patient-centered, cost-effective, quality health care. He reached out to experienced correctional providers and managers who proposed comprehensive facility-based inmate health care, increased onsite services, and professional utilization management of offsite contractors.

Armor bid for, and was awarded, the BSO contract, and began providing service in December 2004. In 2012, after eight years of service and four contract renewals, BSO released an RFP and Armor was again selected, through competitive bid, to continue providing medical services.

Armor currently provides medical care for over 40,000 inmates at jails and prisons in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Commitment to Quality Care
The level of health care expertise throughout Armor is unparalleled within the correctional health care arena.

One of our great strengths is the ability to listen to clients and develop meaningful solutions that address their specific concerns. Every program is designed and staffed to reflect that particular client’s unique combination of priorities and resources. Although customized for each correctional facility, all Armor programs are based upon national industry standards such as the National Commission for Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and the American Correctional Association (ACA). In fact, Armor facilities have earned NCCHC’s two highest honors: Program of the Year and Facility of the Year.

Our management process focuses on client and patient service. We select highly capable staff and provide them with extensive support from a Regional Vice President, our Clinical Operations Team, and our corporate support staff. To ensure timely decision-making, we delegate appropriate authority for the daily management of patient care and administrative responsibilities to the site level leadership. However, we monitor their performance and hold them accountable for meeting contract requirements and standards of care, as dictated by our policies and procedures and as described in this proposal. We also ensure that the leadership team is provided with the resources necessary to support their responsibilities and that our clients have direct access to our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer.

Company Growth
Armor’s approach to new business is not traditional. In an industry in which most companies answer to private equity owners whose focus is on financial returns, Armor’s mission is rooted in community service.

Dr. Armas created Armor in response to community leaders who shared their concerns about healthcare issues in local county jails. Our origins and purpose are based on public benefit rather than shareholder profit. This fundamental difference in purpose means Armor is not forced to grow at a certain rate or bid on undesirable projects to please venture capital or unrelated investors. We bid only when we believe we can make a difference, and if we are confident that our bidding will not have an adverse effect on existing clients. This approach helps to ensure that we consider the impact on our current clients before taking on new obligations, and is supported by our outstanding client retention rate.

Armor pursues growth at a very conservative, measured, and selective pace. Unlike most other companies in the industry, we have not pursued growth by merging or acquiring other companies. We have grown, and will continue to grow, by seeking clients who are interested in genuine partnerships and providing excellent service at an appropriate price.

Litigation and Risk Management
Armor has been highly successful at preventing and combating litigation resulting in a low number of active cases with the vast majority of claims dismissed. We have never had a judgment against us. Our record reflects our dedication to high standards of patient care and client service.

Armor’s low litigation rate is largely due to our daily focus on ensuring patients receive the appropriate level of care. As a physician-owned company, Armor’s staff are instructed from day one that quality patient care is at the core of Armor’s philosophy and practice. We serve our clients and their communities best by serving our patients well. Ultimately, this translates into greater patient satisfaction, greater client satisfaction, substantially lower litigation, and overall lower costs.

The proof of our success can be seen in the numbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 93% of all medical malpractice lawsuits are resolved before trial. Armor’s percentage of resolved cases is over 99%. We focus on attention to details, ongoing training, structured oversight and accountability, self-auditing and negative outcome autopsies. By defending unsubstantiated claims, we demonstrate support for our clients and providers and discourage frivolous lawsuits that waste taxpayers’ time and money.

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Not only did you find ways to save us money, but your team was passionate about doing the right thing. Your team never entertained lowering any standards that could negatively affect the operations of the medical department.

Brian K. Roberts, Sheriff - Meherrin River Regional Jail, Alberta VA