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Who We Are

Armor is a physician and minority-owned enterprise, that provides comprehensive medical, dental and mental health services exclusively for patients in jails and prisons. The level of health care expertise throughout Armor is unparalleled within the correctional health care arena. We are expanding carefully, our philosophy is to begin new business only when we know we can fully satisfy all client needs. Armor has contracts in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Virginia, and we currently manage health care for more inmates in the state of Florida than any other company. Armor employs professionals who are passionate about putting patients first and committed to helping them rehabilitate.

As part of our client-centered management approach, Regional Vice Presidents, Systems Administrators and Health Services Administrators have the authority to implement strategies for operational improvements at their facilities. Armor’s site-level personnel maintain flexibility and act quickly to address clients’ needs, while providing solutions that reduce cost and maintain quality of care.

Armor’s inmate health care program is designed to reduce litigation risks through the delivery of quality care. We understand the importance of identifying health care conditions that require immediate attention and recognize that appropriate and timely follow-up is necessary. The program was developed with clear objectives based on established policies and procedures, national correctional health care standards and the expectations of our clients.

One of our great strengths is the ability to listen to clients and develop meaningful solutions that address their concerns. We pride ourselves that our creative approaches offer meaningful solutions to our clients’ needs. This helps to ensure that when we assume operations, we can meet or exceed your expectations. That is one of the reasons we have never had to ask a client for additional funds to offset unforeseen expenses and we’ve never had to withdraw from a contract.

Our Team

Dr. Abee See, MD

Dr. See has a long career in health care, from private practice to corporate management.

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Dr. Eyef Ghee, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ghee has extensive experience in both research, pathology, and patient care.

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Dr. Haytch I. Jaykay, MD
Secure Care Director

Dr. Jaykay is known for creating innovative patient care models in the field of correctional health care.

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Our Clients

A Partnership of Security and Care