A Heartfelt Letter of Appreciation from Our CEO, Otto Campo

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last several weeks, we have come together for our patients in extraordinary ways to prepare for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As activity has increased at our facilities and in the communities, we are seeing the benefits of our preparation and collaboration. Our leaders have demonstrated their expertise in emergency planning, clinical care, and operations. This group is not only supporting the needs of our patients and employees, but they are also providing guidance and assistance to public officials.

This pandemic is precipitating a set of events unprecedented in our lifetime. I see how hard everyone is working together for our patients, employees and so many others across the country.

Teams in our company are meeting regularly, seven days a week. We are sharing best practices, developing policies, and continuing to modify our emergency planning to address staffing issues, space limitations, supplies, testing and other logistical considerations for managing a potential surge of patients.

We have demonstrated Armor’s core values throughout this pandemic:

Embrace change
Take ownership
Attention to detail
Sense of urgency
Result Oriented culture
Collaborative Environment

The ways in which you have come together confirms that when we combine our resources and talents, we can have the greatest impact on patients and the communities we serve.

With deep appreciation,

Otto Campo

Otto Campo | Chief Executive Officer
Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc.


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